The Rise of Poker

If you weren't living in a cave for the last couple of your, you must already know that poker is the new undefeated star of the world of gambling. Not even the most veteran of casino lovers and experts can remember when a gambling game received so much attention and praise. Poker is now experiencing what can only be regarded as a miracle. In less than a decade poker has moved from the back of smoky poker rooms and restricted casino rooms to the front of national TV.

Poker has ascended so fast to a status of kingdom that some people were puzzled by how such an amazing advance can happen. To think that only a decade ago some people would have been embarrassed to admit that they love to play poker . Although it seems that poker's rise was quite sudden it actually took a little more time than most people know.

In the last two decades poker has became a very popular Sunday night game. In many homes across America small groups of friends would gather for a good friendly game of poker, long before the comfort of online casino s. Poker though went a long way since those days.

Some Reviews
Ethical Standards for Professional Poker Players
06 April 2008

Setting ethical standards among poker players when playing in a poker tournament gives them professionalism and sportsmanship which are important characteristics of a professional poker player. *Full Story*

Common Beginner Mistakes
02 April 2008

Knowing that Texas Holdem is a challenging game, beginners should be prepared before they engage in real Texas Holdem games. Avoiding committing mistakes that are commonly made in the game is a good sign that new players are in the right path to success. In addition, if they avoid making such mistakes it is possible that they develop a good reputation in the field. *Full Story*

Shannon Elizabeth Makes the Grade
05 August 2007

This article is about Shannon Elizabeth in the money at the WSOP. The article shows why she's more than just a pretty face especially when it comes to poker. *Full Story*

Poker Tips for the Novice
06 June 2007

This article is about some poker tips you can use to improve your game. First tip is 'Learning the Odds' telling that players should know the in and out's of their hand and second 'When You're Beat, Drop Out' which means players should stick to good pre-flop hands to back up their bets. *Full Story*

Should You Rely on Luck in Poker?
23 January 2007

Luck is always an integral element of poker, because skill is not enough to win in poker. Find out how you can rely less on luck to win in poker, and depend more on skills and strategies to beat your opponents at the poker tables. *Full Story*

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