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Celebrity Poker

The first thing that started the ascension of Online Casino Games and drove it into public knowledge and acceptance is the celebrity endorsement it has received. In the last five years more and more celebrities have admitted to their love of poker. For a long time you couldn't open a television without seeing some actor or singer raving on some talk-show about how much they love poker and try to practice it as much as possible.

It has come to this that the 2005 winner of the WSOP women tournament was won by Jennifer Tilley, a world famous Hollywood actress. Ben Affleck is a regular casino and celebrity tournaments player and so do many other world famous actors. This surprising support has pushed poker to its amazing status of today. The celebrity endorsement has brought much needed media coverage that has helped poker get into public knowledge and very soon homes.

Today many of the leading online casinos hire various actors and celebrities to promote their casinos. Many of these new promoters are a whole new kind of celebrities, they are poker celebrities. Many prominent poker tournament winners are becoming a new breed of sports-stars. As poker became a televised competitive sport more and more people are beginning to recognize the poker players later on, on websites and television commercials.

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