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Should You Rely on Luck in Poker?

How many times has good luck come to your side and made you win in poker? How many times has bad luck ruined your great hand, and along with it, your entire evening? Luck, just like skill, is an inevitable part of poker. Yes, skill is important in poker, but luck, either good or bad, can easily turn the tide of the game for, or against, your favor.

You might have seen bad players with poor hands beat the odds and get lucky enough to win. Luck has to play a great role in these situations. But how come many people say that poker is a game of skill? That is one of the biggest attractions of poker; people are excited about the lucky (or unlucky) draw that can decide the game.

You need not worry about luck if you want to win in poker. By playing the right way, you can decrease your reliance on luck and concentrate on what really matters in the long run - your skills.

With online gamblers growing at an exponential rate, hand expectations have decreased dramatically. Poker players are playing marginal hands, relying on luck to get past their opponents. These players have the tendency to call and suck out on you, even if you go all-in with your best hands.

To counter this, you should play the right hands. If you play against a good aggressive opponent, avoid playing with a marginal hand. Don't waste your time bluffing against this player if you know if they'll just call.

On the other hand, if you are up against a weaker opponent you can play different kinds of hands and mix up your play. You can be both passive and aggressive to confuse them and throw them off their play.

Don't place all your chips on the pot if you think that you don't have the best hand on the table. If your hand has a big chance of winning then you don't need luck to win.

If your opponent sucks out on you, don't let them get to you. Move on to the next hand and forget about what happened in the previous hand. If you are angry about what happened during the previous betting rounds, don't allow your opponents to figure it out and take advantage of your emotional state. Pretend as if nothing happened.

As long as you follow the aforementioned advice, you should be able to rely less on luck to win, and more on skill and strategy. Remember to play tight and aggressive, and mix up your play to confuse your opponents.

As long as you play your best and give it your best shot, you don't have to hope for good luck to come your way and save your day. Play the best poker that you can play, and don't expect good luck to favor you, but hope that misfortune and bad luck stay away from you.

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