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Roofing Contractor Rick Rossetti is a Poker Pro

While most poker professionals leave their previous occupations in order to concentrate on playing poker, Rick Rossetti still continues to work as a roofing contractor as he also successfully breaks in the poker world.

Rick Rossetti must be very knowledgeable in nailing things down. He does not only do this when working as a roofing contractor, but he also does this in the poker scene by nailing down his poker opponents.

Based in Linwood, New Jersey, what can be considered as the major feat of Rick Rossetti was his triumph at the Harrah's Atlantic City Poker Tournament, which was a World Series of Poker Circuit Event that was held on December 19, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This poker professional joined the ninth event, which was the championship game of the No Limit Hold'em. He was very fortunate to have won first prize and the prize money of US$368,096. Everyone who watched the event thought that poker professional Alex Gomez would emerge as the champion. But because of Rick Rossetti's aggressiveness and persistency, he was able to pull off the victory. All throughout the game, this poker professional was displaying the same behavior no matter how pressuring the situation was. He continued to keep his cool which prevented Gomez from reading him. After eight long hours, Rick Rossetti emerged as the first place winner.

Even before such major feat, Rick Rossetti was already joining major poker tournaments. As a matter of fact, he had several table finishes prior to his victory in 2006. This poker professional was not seen in major events in 2005. However, he had several appearances in 2004.

The first notable appearance of Rick Rossetti in the live tournament circuit was at the World Poker Finals of the third season of the World Poker Tour. This poker professional joined the main event that was held on November 17, 2004, which was the No Limit Hold'em game. He did not reach the final table but finished in the money, earning US$28,308.

In December 2004, Rick Rossetti played two games conducted at the Trump Classic tournament wherein he placed 8th and 14th, and earned US$678 and US$737, respectively.

Right after his victory in 2006, this poker professional tried his luck to another No Limit Hold'em event at the Harrah's Atlantic City Poker Tournament that was held on March 9, 2007. Unfortunately, he did not even reach the final table. However, he finished in the money, receiving US$2,580 as cash prize.

Two months later, he ended up as a third placer in a World Series of Poker Warm Up event, having the chance to win US$10,800. This poker professional also reached the final table when he joined the Trump Classic in December.

Indeed, this roofing contractor knows how to play poker well.

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