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How to Succeed in Live Poker Tournaments

Playing in a live tournament, especially a big one such as the World Series of Poker, is a dream of many an online gambler. Many online gamblers think that once they get the hang of playing in online tournaments, playing in live tournaments will be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, live poker tournaments are different from online tournaments in many ways. Aside from the fact that you don't see your opponents face-to-face, online poker tournaments are not as prestigious as their live counterparts.

There are several important tips on how you can succeed in live poker tournaments, if you haven't play in one before. These things can help you win as long as you use your poker skills and strategies the right way.

Before you sign up for a live poker tournament, ask yourself if you can tolerate the pressure of the limelight and the watchful eyes of people around you. If you are inherently shy or have a social anxiety disorder, you might have serious problems playing in these tournaments. That is why it's important to play in smaller poker tournaments first so that you get used to the atmosphere of big live tournaments.

If you are playing online, then calculating poker odds using your cards and the size of the pot can make you a winner. A Poker Odds calculator can help you win more hands.

You should also wear clothing that you are comfortable with. Poker tournaments online are not fashion shows; you are not there to show off your expensive and fashionable clothes but to play poker.

Avoid drinking lots of fluids including alcoholic beverages and softdrinks so that you don't have to go to the bathroom frequently. If you have to drink, drink only small amounts of water enough to satisfy your thirst. Alcoholic drinks can also affect your decision-making and concentration while softdrinks will make you feel sluggish and heavy.

During breaks, you can go the toilet to relieve yourself. Don't go around talking or making phone calls or anything that will break your concentration. When you are in a poker tournament, you should think about poker only and nothing else. Leave the socializing after the tournament.

Your position at the table should also matter. During the earlier rounds, you can choose your position at the table so avoid sitting next to the dealer. Not only that is an unfavorable position during dealing and betting rounds, it can also describe you the ability to read your opponents' hands. You must pay close attention to your opponents' behavior and analyze them for your utmost advantage.

Now that you already know the important "secrets" of playing in live tournaments, be sure that you are well-prepared for the tough competition ahead. Make sure that you have your poker strategies and techniques ready. Be sure that you have read and understood the rules and guidelines of the tournament before you join. Be patient, disciplined, follow the secrets of live tournaments, and you will gradually move to the winners' circle.

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